Friday, March 8, 2013

The skies here in the southeast....God woos me

It's truly a fact that I belong here in Georgia, specifically being that I know that God has been wooing me here ever since my arrival. It's crazy how gorgeous the skies are here during any moment. I'm truly thankful to live here and be called to this place. These are some of the snapshots I've taken during my time here already.

A place out by the paintball location we play often. The trees, sky and beauty are unreal.

As a little boy, I loved playing Army. I now work for the Army and sharing Christ to their students. This photo was taken while up at Hunter Army Airfield. It reminded me of my brother and I playing as kids and also loving going to airshows as kids.

South of town, where I got to see students play in their fall soccer contests. Beautiful clear air.

Liberty County High Panthers' Senior Night, one of the boys I work with #48. Great young man.

Soccer competition under the lights.

Away football game, beauty under the Friday night lights.

At a local golf tournament for the high schools enjoying the clear springlike air.

A double-take of God's anointing. Not only the sky, but the ocean. I love this.

Pillow-like blanket of clouds in the Georgia sky.

My joy as I found full sand dollars and then right after this photo, another showed up. God is good!

Majesty from God Himself, a oceanside sunrise.

Nebraska & Kansas Christmas 2012 Visit

My babygirl, Neicy on her beddie. I miss her so much. God has blessed me with her.
Me and momma, a true momma's boy. :)

The nephews got their own Club Beyond swag!

Noah and Logan with their FS/HAAF Club shirts!

Dad and I on Christmas Eve.

My brother from another mother, Harland - a true great friend in Christ.

My best bud and friend Kyle and his folks during my KS visit over Christmas.

Of course the 'goon squad' got me an incredible gift, to include an airblown elephant kid outfit which I tried to put on that night. you George and Kyle.

Hiiiiiuuugggghhh I work at McD!

Kyle and I during my KS visit.

We are insane, I know. But it's how we roll!

It was awesome getting to be with our boys again, to include Dennis here.

Hmmm.....the guy on the left.....we related???!??!!! you Nick, so much.

Arrival at Eppley and shot this photo when I saw mom in the airport. I love my family.

Okay, talk about culture shock. Been in the warm southeast and arrive home that late afternoon to do this!??!? What!??!? 10+" of thanks!

God's gift to me, Neicy.

My folks' home over Christmas, snow and all! :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joplin Service Project #2, Summer 2011

Throughout the project, one of the homeowners kept telling me he would let me drive his prized possession: a 1979 Corvette Stingray. After realizing this was the way he wanted to bless me for what I was doing for him there in Joplin at his home, I honored his request. This car was incredible to drive. Never have I felt the kind of muscle and horsepower before in driving any car. The man was like a kid in a candy store watching my eyes as I enjoyed the cruize in the neighborhood in his wonderful car. God allowed me to bless this man in the way he could bless me for my service and love in Christ to him. Stay obedient, even if you think you aren't there to accept someone's thanks or gifts for your service.

It was incredbly a blessing to be able to go and serve the people of Joplin with our youth at the end of July this summer. We were able to bring Christ to them and help them and in response, they blessed us. It was amazing. This picture was taken at the end of our trip as we were leaving Joplin. Amazing how God left just the Cross standing even after all of the devastation.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oklahoma, October 2010

For those who don't know, fall is my absolute favorite season. Jesus has put such a love for the season in my heart that I love everything about it. The smells, colors and anything else that comes along with it. I had the wonderful opportunity to go visit my sister's family in Oklahoma this fall and it was incredible. I love her kids and love horsing around with them and loving on them. I love visiting Oklahoma possibly because of my past years in the state from college and it just feels like 'home' to me when I visit. Attached below are some pictures from the visit which was awesome.